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De Lima’s defense against the accusations hurled against her: “Everything was a fabrication.” Well, unfortunately, I do not think that way. Let us say, if Kerwin Espinosa lied with regards to his allegations to her, the facts would tell us that it could never be a mere coincidence. De Lima denied blatantly that she had no knowledge of any Kerwin Espinosa and of his illegal activities as a drug dealer. If this was merely a destabilization plot planned against her person, why would Kerwin waste his life for that cause? Kerwin is not a fake drug dealer. He has put his family into peril due to his illegal activities. If the photo that they had taken in Baguio was a mere coincidence, as she claimed anyone would have taken a photo beside a celebrity or politician, damn hell what did she think she is, does she think she is as pretty as Lucy Torres? If this was a premeditated picture-taking with a purpose to destroy her, then everything else follows, that Kerwin wasted his life leading to his capture solely for this purpose of destroying De Lima, such as, faking his drug activities, his father’s death, his hiding and arrest abroad, as if it was a dumb show, would that be too much a sacrifice to Kerwin for that alleged plot to destroy her? That is so absurd! Further, the Bilibid part could again be too much a sacrifice if it was a premeditated plot against her. She must have thought she was always the center of the world.

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