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    Payag Restaurant / Jo’s Chicken Inato in Bohol

    The specialty of the house is their Chicken Inato. The meal is just like another version of barbecued chicken which they will probably say has their own special marinade as all restaurant claims. Payag, means bahay kubo or nipa hut, specializes in this dish.

    There’s grilled chicken and then there’s Jo’s Chicken Inato.  This is Bohol’s version of the famous Bacolod inasal.

    The restaurant is build inside a Spanish styled house. From the outside, the place looks big and overpowering with its all wooden structure. You will be greeted with the friendly guard, the welcoming fat chef statue and a wooden stairs leading to the 2nd floor and the restaurant areas.

    The place is decorated with roosters and chicken figurines, art collections, and wooden furniture. It also found on the table, plates and clocks (both dining area) and some old inspired material like old Capiz lamp, heavy wood chairs and tables. The homely atmosphere is enhanced more by the heavy wood chairs and tables, as opposed to the mono blocks that same-price restaurants usually have.

    The restaurant has both al fresco and air-conditioned dining areas.  The outdoor area, called Plaza Juanita reminds you of an old town square where there are cobblestones, a lamp posts decorating the streets, a swing and has a tree on an open area with the view of the street.

    The indoor air-condition area called Milagrina however, which is like you are inside of the house overlooking the open area. It has a “chicken” written all over it, each nook and cranny has every chicken or rooster decoration imaginable.  Even the tables are painted with images of a chicken, paying homage to their specialty.

    This is truly an institution in Tagbilaran already as one classic example of how Bohol supports local businesses and how good food will always keep bringing people back. They are famous for the tasty Chicken Inato. Chicken Inato is their specialty; a barbecued chicken marinated the Bohol way, a different version of Chicken Inasal. The taste is enough to forget you are in a restaurant, opted to eat with your bare hands to savour everything up to the last bite.

    Payag Restaurant offers good variety of food at affordable price and the staffs are friendly and accommodating. The menu offers variety of food which can be shared by 2 people. They offer chicken, pork and seafood cooked in many ways, from stew to fried, from on sticks to sizzling.

    And the good thing is everything is at affordable and reasonable price. The taste is simply extraordinary and you could get a hearty meal for just only P90, and you already get stuffed from a grilled chicken barbecue.  And good news for rice lovers, they offer rice with no limit.  Add a little more and you also get a stick of pork barbecue with your meal.

    Craving for good and home cooked food away from home, and wanted a cheap and hearty lunch paired with a cosy ambiance; try to visit the famous Payag Restaurant, one of the best places to dine infor your chicken inato fix when you are in Tagbilaran. The whole place gives you a mixed feeling of being out of town and feels you homey and very relaxing as well.

    Function Room


    Checkout their function rooms, can accomodate 50-80 persons

    Payag Restaurant is easy to find and it’s located at CPG East Avenue corner Matig-a Street in Tagbilaran City. This should be accessible through a simple tricycle ride for any tourist who is staying in the city and for the people that travel with a budget.

    It’s a short distance away from Meridian hotel which is also located along Matig-a street. Tricycle drivers should be familiar with this place, so if coming from somewhere else, just hail a cab and say Jos or Chicken Inato. If you’re walking, its 2 blocks from Caltex gas station opposite Rizal Park located on the right and a walking distance from the St. Joseph Church, thus you can stroll a bit after a full meal.


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